The vines are situated in the wine growing area of the D.O. Alella where wine production dates back from Roman times. Our neighbour, renowned winemaker Quim Batlle, will lead the production. The farm is located about 200m above sea level. Fanned by Mediterranean breezes together with the constant sun facilitates the production of smooth wines, with a touch of salinity.

With the restoration of the vines and the wine farm, the revitalization of CAN REON’s wines is already in full swing. The grapes Pansa Blanca and Grenache will maintain the region’s wine heritage while we will add our own blend to create new wines full of character.

By 2024, the vines will be back in optimal condition and wine will flow again on the hills of the Masia.


The interior of the restaurant will be designed together with Droog, who in 1993 made Dutch Design internationally famous. Sarriel Taus, a well-known social entrepreneur and the business director of Droog Amsterdam will run the restaurant and bring his experience learned from working with Jamie Oliver in launching the Fifteen restaurant in Amsterdam.

A young chef is creating an exciting menu based around locally foraged ingredients. In the grounds an edible food forest will be cultivated using herbs and vegetables and existing fruit trees including a two-century old large fig tree. New trees will also be planted to diversify the orchard.  Self-sufficiency will be at the heart of the restaurant. Chicken, goats and bees will live in the grounds of the farm, fish will be sourced from local fishermen. There will be places to picnic.

Music, art and design

Renny, as co-founder and director of Droog Design, known globally as a game-changing design company, will take the lead in putting together a program of design and art. Artists will be commissioned to make work that is focused on the location, artists in residence will be invited to the wine farm.
Leon, as former director of the music company Mojo, will together with a team from Tiana, ensure that exciting concerts and other events are always on the program of La Pedrera.


For the hotel and the restaurant, we are working together with BIG, a world leading architect studio. The BIG team proposed some exciting interventions, most prominently a completely new inner courtyard. The original house will be carefully restored using as many of the original elements as possible. An additional new structure will be added to complete the hotel and restaurant facilities.