CAN REON spaces

CAN REON is a very versatile place for holding all kinds of events related to our passions: wine, food, art and music. It has four spaces where different activities can be carried out. Each with their own personality and history.


Located in front of the main door of the Masia, it was known as a place to work and socialise. As one of the protected elements of the original Can Fàbregas, it was the location for village parties, where sardanas were danced in L’Era, in the early years of the Aplec de l’Alegría (from 1909).

El Jardí del Tronc

In front of L’Era is a sunny garden, a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean and the hermitage of L’Alegria. A relaxing space where an icon of Droog design, the Tree Trunk Bench designed by Jurgen Bey is installed.

La Pedrera

The first time that Leon and Renny saw the old stone quarry, they envisioned a natural auditorium, and realised that the future of CAN REON must be linked to art and music. Since that moment, they have turned the abandoned quarry into a unique, versatile event space in the middle of the forest. A perfect symbiosis between art and nature.

La Figuera

Walking along the path through the vineyards, we arrive at a very special place, La Figuera (The Fig Tree). A monumental tree over 200 years old located in a privileged point from which we can see a magnificent panoramic view of CAN REON, from the mountain to the sea. A cozy and inspiring space, where you can enjoy a wonderful sunset.

Rent a space

Space rental available from 2023.