Clara Peya


Clara Peya is celebrating imperfection as a tool for change: “an ode to all imperfect beings unfinished, failed, because these are the ones who move, those who change, because they want something and the search, the moviment is what keeps alive”.

Considered one of the most important pianists and composers. Prolific and transgressive of the musical scene of the country, Clara Peya is unclassifiable. Restless, visceral and transcendent, she flees from clichés and, above all, she believes in the power of art as a tool of social transformation.

Clara Peya © Silvia Poch

CORSÉ (Corset)

The pianist’s new work revolves around the violence that is implicit in the concept of perfection.

A new repertoire of deep and committed songs for which the pianist has chosen different singers to perform them and provide their own universe to disk. The voices of Silvia Pérez Cruz, Salvador Sobral, Albert Pla, Ferran Palau and Leo Rizzi, among others, accompanied by the magnetic piano of Clara combined with synthesizers and electronic bases, they configure a unique and vibrant atmosphere, where every little one detail is as intense as it is essential.

Live, two voices, drums, keyboards and synthesizers. They accompany Clara’s piano in a staging that takes care of every last detail and that, as usual In the artist, she displays a living dramaturgy, generating a unique experience at each concert.

Photo: ®Silvia Poch

Clara Peya


Friday, September 27. 9.30 p.m.

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