Currently, we are waiting for the permit to carry out the plan we have developed in collaboration with the world’s leading architectural studio, BIG. The original house will be carefully restored, using as many of the original elements as possible. The BIG team proposed some exciting interventions, most prominently a completely new inner courtyard. An additional new structure will be added to complete the cellar facilities.

The cellar’s interior will be designed in collaboration with Droog, who has made Dutch design internationally famous. In addition to a wide variety of wines, the winery will offer a gastronomic proposal based on locally produced ingredients.. In the grounds, an edible food forest will be cultivated using herbs and vegetables and existing fruit trees, including a two-century-old large fig tree. New trees will also be planted to diversify the orchard.

Self-sufficiency will be at the heart of the project. Chicken, goats, and bees will live on the grounds, and fish will be sourced from local fishermen. There will be places to picnic.