Organic Intelligence

Exclusive performance for the CAN REON Festival

Percussionist Aleix Tobias lands at the CAN REON Festival to present IO (Organic Intelligence), a new musical project that he has developed together with Karen Lugo, Momi Maiga, Guillem Aguilar and Carles Dénia. Several music genres come together: flamengo, jazz, the traditional music of the Iberian Penninsula, West Africa and Latin America, to create a real contemporary music.

Aleix Tobias is a musician with an outstanding professional career that has led him to become a regular on the most prestigious international stages around the world. He is also a great connoisseur of different musical traditions that have decisively influenced him when it comes to building his own, unmistakable language, which makes him one of the most prominent percussionists in our country.

For IO, Aleix Tobias has surrounded himself with some of the colleagues with whom he has already shared the stage on other occasions. Together they work on this new project, a mixture of styles and experiences resulting from the background of each of them.

Aleix Tobias (Spain) – Drums and percussion
Momi Maiga (Senegal) – Kora, voice and sabar
Guillem Aguilar (Spain) – Bass and square tambourine
Karen Lugo (Mexico) – Dance and percussion
Carles Dénia (Spain) – Voice



Saturday, September 28 - 9.45 p.m.

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