Nina Backman
& Sami Tallberg

Silence Meal

Imagine sharing a meal in silence, surrounded by the natural beauty of the grounds of CAN REON. The absence of conversation with fellow diners inevitably leads to a wide variety of ever-shifting responses, unique to each participant. This experience opens possibilities for an abundance of sensory experiences — physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural – to come to the fore. 

Berlin-based experimental artist Nina Backman’s performative and participatory Silence Meal has been presented in a diverse range of exceptional venues during the past several years.

A native of Finland – a nation known for the quiet thoughtfulness of its people and their love of pristine wilderness – Backman has created an enduring work of living art that is as simple in its structure as it is profound and inspiring in its possibilities.

For this presentation of the Silence Meal, Backman invites guests to her table for a special four course menu prepared by award-winning Finnish chef Sami Tallberg, who will create unique experiences around nutrient dense gastronomy and locally foraged wild food. Sami has his own style of using these magical ingredients, in a rather bouyant way.

The Silence Meal begins when the artist takes her seat, and continues in complete silence until the meal is done.

Silence Meal have taken place in Germany, Holland, The United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, and Finland.

Nina Backman©Kaisaleena Halinen

Photo by Kaisaleena Halinen

Nina Backman is a Finnish artist, performer, curator and the founder of the Silence Project. She was born in Helsinki and originally studied Theatre Design at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts in the UK.

The hallmarks of silence weave through Backman’s art leaving traces of a
veiled depth. In challenging the space between installation, performance
and visual art, silence is integral to the artistic process. She has collaborated with a wide spectrum of creative disciplines from film, theater, photography to design. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Sami Tallberg is a Finnish award-winning chef, food writer and a pioneer in foraging. Tallberg is known especially for his extensive career in restaurants, wild food and -mushrooms focused books, catering and courses as well as his concept design in the restaurant- and food industry

The Silence Meal at CAN REON Silent Meal will be held in an open-air space among the trees.

Nina Backman: performer
Sami Tallberg: chef

Location: CAN REON, woods
Date: September 28th
Time: 2.00 p.m.
Price: 69 €
Menú: 4 courses: with fish and locally foraged wild plants
Wine: First CAN REON Wine
Guests: limited to 45
Performance language: English

Nina Backman & Sami Tallberg


Saturday, September 28 - 2.00 p.m.

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