J. Scofield / D. Holland Duo Concert

Tuesday July 9 - 8.30 p.m.



41º29’25.0”N 2º16’20.6”E

CAN REON Festival 2023



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CAN REON is a wine estate where contemporary art, design, music, food and wine come together. It is a unique destination set in the hills of Tiana (area Barcelona), a wild and natural location.

The vineyard, abandoned for eight years, has been revitalized, and the first wine is to be expected in 2023.
La Pedrera, a disused quarry in the middle of the forest, has been converted into an event and concerts space for 300 people.

Starting in 2023, the 777 years old wine farm will be transformed into a rural hotel and restaurant serving locally sourced food. We are working together with renowned architect studio BIG to realize this.
CAN REON has already started an exciting program of events and experiences.

And there is more to come!

The place where WINE, FOOD, ART and MUSIC will live together

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41º29’25.0”N 2º16’20.6”E

Nucli de l’Alegria, Camí de l’Alegria 08391 Tiana, Barcelona, Catalonia